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Potato Nuggets

Craving to make evening snacks? Roll your sleeves to make one of the best potato snacks recipe – Triangle Potato Nuggets. Feel the taste inside! This dish can be served as a side dish, snacks or an appetizer.

Take 3-4 potatoes and cut them.

Cut 3-4 Potato

Boil potatoes

Boil Potato

Cool down for 5 minutes and peel the skin

Peel the Skin

Mash the potatoes

Mash the potatoes

Add, 2 TBSP Coriander leaves

1/2 TBSP Chilli flakes

1/2 TBSP Oregano

1/2 TBSP Salt

1/2 TBSP Black pepper powder

3 TBSP Mozzarella cheese

2 TBSP Cornflour

add ingredients

Mix well and make it in a triangle shape

Make triangle shape

Cut into pieces

Cut into pieces

Take some vermicelli and break into pieces

Take some vermicelli and break into pieces

Take, 2 TBSP Flour

2 TBSP Cornflour

1/4 TBSP Salt

1/4 TBSP Black pepper powder

1/4 Cup Water, and mix well.

Corn Flour Mixture

Triangle shaped pieces dip into the cornflour mixture and coat with vermicelli

Dip into the mixture and coat with vermicelli

Keep in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Fry in a medium heated oil and fry until it turns golden brown.

Fry until golden brown

Move into plate

potato nuggets ready

Ready to serve!

Potato Nuggets

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