Top 5 Healthy Snacks for all ages


Selecting nutritious snacks is essential for sustaining energy levels and promoting overall health at any age. Here are the top 5 picks.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Cut an apple into slices and pair it with 1/2 tablespoon of pure peanut butter—verify that it contains no added sugar, salt, or oil.

Greek Yogurt with Berries

A serving of Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries makes for a protein-packed, antioxidant-rich snack.

Banana on Toast

A healthy snack idea is to spread mashed banana on whole grain toast. It has got a total of 150 Kcal.

Boiled egg, tomato and spinach

It make a healthy snack because they provide a balanced mix of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Avocado on crispbread

Avocado on crispbread is a healthy snack because it combines healthy fats, fiber, and essential nutrients.


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