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Everything About National Ice Cream Day

The first ice cream shops opened in the UK in the early 19th century.

Are you ready to scream for ice cream?

Let us find out when this day is celebrated, fun facts, things to do, and more. So grab a cone, a cup, or a spoon. Let’s get ready to chill out and enjoy some creamy goodness together!

What is Ice Cream Day?

National Ice Cream Day is a delightful holiday dedicated to enjoying and savoring one of the most beloved desserts worldwide – ice cream! It’s a day when people of all ages come together to taste ‘ICE CREAMS’ that bring smiles and joy.

This annual celebration allows ice cream enthusiasts to express their love for this frozen delight by trying new flavors, visiting local ice cream shops, or even creating homemade treats. From classic sundaes to trendy rolled ice creams, there are endless ways to enjoy this delectable dessert on National Ice Cream Day.

When is national Ice Cream day celebrated?

National Ice Cream Day is a sweet and delightful celebration that takes place annually in the month of July. This special day devoted to everyone’s favorite frozen treat falls on the third Sunday of July each year.

The exact date of National Ice Cream Day varies each year but always promises a scoop of happiness and joy for ice cream lovers everywhere. From enjoying scoops at local ice cream shops to hosting homemade sundae parties with friends and family, there are endless ways to partake in this delicious holiday.

The History Behind Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day has a sweet history behind it that dates back to the 1980s. It was officially designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, as the third Sunday in July. This day celebrates one of America’s favorite desserts and recognizes the joy that ice cream brings to people of all ages.


We can trace the origins of ice cream back thousands of years, with variations dating as far back as the second century B.C. Europeans popularized the modern version we enjoy today during the Renaissance period before it made its way to America.

Ice cream quickly became a staple treat during summertime, with various flavors and toppings evolving over time. Its popularity soared in the United States, leading to dedicated days like National Ice Cream Day, which is celebrated annually with gusto across the nation.

Things to do on Ice Cream Day

You can do several things on this creamy day. Gather your friends and family for an ice cream party filled with fun flavors and toppings. Take a trip to your favorite local ice cream shop or try making homemade ice cream together.

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Get creative with DIY ice cream recipes, from classic vanilla to unique flavors like lavender honey or salted caramel. Host an ice cream tasting session where everyone can sample different types of ice creams and rate their favorites.

Explore new dessert combinations by experimenting with sundae toppings like fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

Consider organizing a friendly competition to see who can come up with the best homemade sundae creation.

Don’t forget to capture the sweet memories by taking photos of your tasty creations and sharing them on social media using #NationalIceCreamDay.

Fun facts about Ice Cream

Did you know that the first known ice cream recipe dates back to the 4th century B.C.? Ancient Greeks mixed snow with honey and fruit to make a basic version of this beloved dessert.

Fast forward to the 16th century, when Italian explorer Marco Polo is said to have brought a version of ice cream from China to Europe.


Today, the U.S. officially recognizes July as National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday of July is designated as National Ice Cream Day.

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There are over 1.5 billion gallons produced annually in the U.S. alone. It’s clear that ice cream holds a special place in our hearts (and freezers).


Have questions about National Ice Cream Day? We have answered some common FAQs to make sure you’re ready to celebrate this delicious holiday!

Q: When is National Ice Cream Day celebrated?
A: This day falls on the third Sunday of July each year, making it a perfect mid-summer treat for everyone to enjoy.

Q: What is the history behind National Ice Cream Day?
A: President Ronald Reagan officially designated this fun holiday in 1984, recognizing ice cream as a beloved dessert enjoyed by many across the country.

Q: How can I participate in National Ice Cream Day?
A: You can celebrate this day by adding in your favorite ice cream flavor, visiting local ice cream shops, or hosting an ice cream social with friends and family.

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out and share your excitement for all things ice cream!

National Ice Cream day upcoming days

  • 20 Jul, 2025, Sunday
  • 19 Jul, 2026, Sunday
  • 18 Jul, 2027, Sunday
  • 16 Jul, 2028, Sunday
  • 15 Jul, 2029, Sunday
  • 21 Jul, 2030, Sunday


Hosting an ice cream social with friends and family, or simply enjoying a cone in the comfort of your own home will be a special thing. National Ice Cream Day is all about creating memories and sharing moments of happiness over everyone’s favorite frozen treat.

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