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Top 10 Fast Food Restaurant Franchises in the US

What are the top 10 fast food restaurants in America? We bet you don't know.

The fast food industry has become an integral part of US culture, with chains across the country selling meals on demand.

According to Technomic, despite the popularity of fast food, Americans are spending less than before, an occurrence possibly related to the price increases people are experiencing in their daily lives.

The Technomic report, which ranks the most successful brands, ranked the top ten fast food chains in the country. Despite the drop off in spending, the sales figures are still eye-watering.

The top 10 restaurants in America based on sales are:


The following are the top fast-food chains in the United States:

The first is McDonald’s ($53,1 billion).

2. Starbucks ($31.6 billion)

3. Chick-fil-A ($21.6 billion)

4. Taco Bell ($15 billion)

5. Wendy’s ($12.3 billion)

6. Dunkin’ Donuts ($12 billion)

7. Burger King ($11 billion)

8. Subway ($10 billion)

9. Chipotle ($9.9 billion)

It appears that the top three chains on the list are firmly entrenched in their respective positions, consistently outperforming their closest competitors.

Taco Bell, which has gained a lead over Wendy’s since last year, is also arguably the case. Despite the combined sales of these top-ranked chains, it is impossible to imagine anyone, even Starbucks, or any other brand, ever challenging McDonald’s in the fast food market.

These brands are unchanged from last year’s ranking, showing the overall dominance of a few brands. People like that.

However, change is not impossible. A decade ago, Subway was ranked second, a position Starbucks has occupied for years.

There are 4273 KFC locations in the United States, so you may be surprised it’s not on the list. Since it was founded in Salt Lake City in 1952, it has been a staple brand in the country. People are clearly voting with their feet, not their mouths, and Finger Lickin’ Good chicken doesn’t make the cut.

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