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Mind Blowing Kitchen Hacks For 2023

Have you ever wanted to know kitchen hacks to impress your friends? Well, now is the time. It would be smart to not tell them that these are kitchen hacks because they are just tricks and could harm the kitchen or people in it if done wrong.

The kitchen is one place that can truly be called the heart of the home. So it makes sense for you to want your kitchen to be as efficient and effective as possible. Earlier you read about food trends 2023, right? Now let’s focus on few kitchen tricks and tips that will save your day.

Kitchen Tricks You’ll Love!

Of course, there are always those kitchen gadgets you see advertised that promise to make kitchen life easier, but do they actually work or are they just another kitchen gadget scam? Do you ever wonder how other kitchens manage to look so rustic and inviting without splashing out on expensive designer appliances? Well, wonder no more!

Kitchen hacks that actually works

  • When you are using tongs for cooking, slip a rubber band onto the end of one of the arms. This will allow you to pick up items that are too hot for your hands to touch.

Example: eggs that were just hard-boiled.

  • If you submerge egg shells in vinegar for around 5 – 10 minutes after cracking open an egg, they’ll be much easier to peel off afterward! The acidity helps break down the structure.

Example: after boiling eggs and removing their shells (which can sometimes be difficult).

  •  A great kitchen hack is placing ice cubes or even wine in your blender when it starts smoking. This should help cool it down so that you can keep working.

Example: when your kitchen smoothie blender overheats while making something.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of dishes in your kitchen, try this hack! Put some dish soap in a spray bottle and spray it on dirty pots and pans before putting them into the sink. This will make cleaning them much easier at the end.

Example: when washing dirty kitchen dishes.

Perfect food hack to save time

  • This kitchen hack is perfect for when you need to quickly chop up food! Place a wine glass in a large bowl then put all of your ingredients in between. Using a kitchen knife, cut straight through both the cup and whatever’s inside. Voila – perfectly chopped food without having to do any work!

Example: After cooking quickly without anything to help with kitchen chopping.

  • Forming ice cubes out of leftover juice or flavored water is a great kitchen hack for when you want something to drink but don’t feel like making anything. Simply pop them in the freezer and they’ll be ready to enjoy in no time!

Example: when wanting to save your leftovers from soda, punch, etc. and still have a chilled beverage later on.

  • If you’re microwaving food and it starts smelling bad (like an onion), try adding a wooden spoon into the dish. The wood will help absorb any scents that might otherwise linger around your kitchen.

Example: when microwaving kitchen food that has strong odor.

  • When you are trying to keep kitchen fruit fresh, one trick is putting some freshly sliced lemon in a bag with it. This will help ensure that they stay fresh much longer than usual!

Example: to keep kitchen fruit fresh when storing them in the fridge.

  • These kitchen hacks can also be used for cleaning purposes! Say you’re looking for a way to get rid of kitchen grease stains. Try using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which have been proven to be extremely effective.

That’s all for now! Happy kitchen hacking!

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