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Health Benefits of Century Egg: China’s 1,000-Year-Old Egg

This Chinese cuisine isn't just renowned within China; it's also celebrated across East Asia, where it's known by various names.

The Century Egg is a Chinese dish that is made by preserving an egg in a mixture of clay, ash, lime, and rice hulls for several weeks to months. The result is a dark brown or black egg with a firm white and a creamy yolk. These eggs have been eaten in China for centuries and are still popular today.

History of century egg

There are many theories about the origins of the Century Egg, but no one knows for sure where the dish came from. One theory suggests that the Century Egg was invented by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Another theory says that these eggs were created by accident when eggs were stored in a pot of clay and forgotten about. Regardless of its mystery origins, these eggs are delicious and healthy food that has been enjoyed by the Chinese for centuries.

What is the other name for century egg?

Century eggs or millennium eggs have different names in various countries. Let us find out a few of them.
China: 皮蛋 (pídàn) or 松花蛋 (sōnghuā dàn)

Vietnam: Trứng bách thảo or Trứng hấp

Malaysia: telur masin or telur pindang

Thailand: ไข่เยี่ยวม้า (kài yîao máa) or ไข่เยี่ยวช้าง (kài yîao cháang)

Korea: 향자 (hyangja) or 사랑의 계란 (sarang-ui gyeran)

Philippines: itlog na maalat or itlog na pula

Indonesia: telur pitan or telur asin

Taiwan: 皮蛋 (pídàn)

Hong Kong: 皮蛋 (pídàn)

Japan: 玉子 (tamago) or 卵 (tamago)

Century Egg Health Benefits

Century Eggs are a good source of protein, iron, and vitamins A, B, and D. They are also low in calories and cholesterol. These are often eaten as part of a healthy diet.


Whether you enjoy them boiled, fried, or raw, Century Eggs are a delicious and nutritious food that has been enjoyed by the Chinese for more than 100 decades. So next time you’re looking for something different to eat, consider trying a Century Egg!

Most Bizarre Food Item In The World

Let us find out why the century egg is considered to be one of the most bizarre food items in the world.

  • Century Eggs are starting to become popular in the West so you may be able to find them in some high-end Chinese restaurants too.
  • It can be found in Chinese supermarkets or specialty food stores.
  • They can be eaten on their own or used in recipes such as Century Egg Congee or Century Egg and Potato Salad.

century egg in table


  • Despite the initial sulfurous odor that may deter some, century eggs are renowned for their complex and bold flavor profile.
  • The aroma, although unconventional, adds depth and character to the overall culinary experience, appealing to adventurous palates.

What is the taste of Century Egg?

Let us find a few things regarding the taste. flavor profile of century eggs.

  • The egg white undergoes a remarkable change, turning into a dark brown translucent jelly with a salty taste.
  • Meanwhile, the egg yolk takes on a distinctive dark green or grey hue.
  • The texture of the egg is wonderfully smooth and creamy, offering a succulent sensation when consumed.
  • Pairing century eggs with tuna, a popular combination, results in a luxuriously silky experience on the palate.
  • Notably, these eggs emit a potent aroma and possess an intense flavor profile, attributed to the presence of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
  • For those new-to-century eggs, it's advisable to cook them before consumption rather than eating them whole.
  • Whatever method you choose for preparation, we hope it's a dish you thoroughly enjoy and savor!

How to eat Century Eggs?

Century eggs can be served either as a main dish or as an appetizer. For example, a well-known Cantonese street food features a century egg sandwiched between slices of pickled ginger root.

They are also commonly enjoyed with chilled tofu in Shanghai and Taiwan. It can be sliced and added to an omelet made with fresh eggs, creating a dish known as ‘old-and-fresh’ eggs.

taking century eggs

Chunks of century eggs are often incorporated into various dishes such as congee, soup, tofu salad, or even pastries. While considered a delicacy in the West, century eggs are readily available in East Asia.

What Is the Price of Century Eggs?

The price of century Eggs varied with cartons. You can buy 50 – 99 cartons for US$40.00 each, 100 – 199 cartons for US$39.00 each, and get an even better deal at US$38.00 per carton for purchases of 200 cartons or more. Y

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Bottom line

In conclusion, we understood the origin, and fascinating facts about their preparation and consumption, from their unique flavor profile to the various culinary applications they offer. Moreover, we’ve highlighted the major health benefits associated with century eggs, adding another layer of appreciation for their consumption. Whether enjoyed as a standalone dish, century eggs offer a distinctive culinary experience. The convenience of purchasing through the Alibaba website ensures easy access to this 1,000-year-old egg.

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