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Zomato Raises the Bar with World’s First 10-Minute Food Delivery

Zomato, the popular food delivery and discovery platform, is raising the bar once again with the launch of Zomato Instant – the world’s first 10-minute food delivery service.

This is a major move by Zomato to further cement its position as the go-to platform for food delivery. With this new service, Zomato is raising the bar for the entire industry and setting a new standard for food delivery says founder Deepinder Goyal.

Why 10-Minute Food Delivery is the Future of Food?

There are many reasons why 10-minute food delivery is the future of food. For one, it is convenient. With today’s busy lifestyles, people do not always have time to cook a meal from scratch.  Instant delivery has become an important part of our lives. Whether we’re ordering food or groceries, we expect to receive them as soon as possible. That’s why zomato is launching new revolution called INSTANT DELIVERY SERVICE.

Another reason why 10-minute food delivery is the future of food is because it is affordable. A recent study found that people are spending more on food than ever before, but they are not necessarily eating better food.

Finally, 10-minute food delivery is a great way to try new foods. With so many different cuisines available, it can be hard to decide what to order for dinner. Delivery services make it easy to sample dishes from all over the world without leaving your home.

Food delivery is becoming more and more popular, as people are busy and don’t have time to cook. zomato is one of the most popular food delivery services, and they offer instant delivery. This means that you can order your food and have it delivered to your door within minutes.

Zomato’s instant delivery service is available in major cities across India, and they are expanding to more and more cities soon. So whether you’re in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, you can order food from zomato and get it delivered quickly and easily without a reduction of 30 minutes to 10 minutes..

How Does Zomato Instant Work?

Just open the Zomato app, choose the food you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your food will be delivered to your doorstep in just 10 minutes! We’re always looking for ways to make your food ordering experience better, and this is our latest effort to do just that. So, what are you waiting for? Try Zomato Instant!


Kitchen preparation Time : 2- 4 minutes

Average distance travelled : 1-2 km (opening stations nearby customer locations)

Average time travelled : 3-6 minutes (Avg speed of 20kmph)


  • Zomato instant food delivery is for near by locations and standardized menu items
  • There is no penalties for late deliveries
  • No incentives for on-time deliveries
  • For 10 and 30 minutes deliveries, delivery partners are not informed about delivery time


8 Principles of Zomato Instant

  1. Food on a budget without sacrificing taste.
  2. The freshest foods you can find
  3. Practice world class hygiene
  4. Minimal plastic packaging
  5. make your product more convenient for on-the-go consumers
  6. Create a Traceable Supply Chain
  7. prioritize delivery partner safety
  8. Deep collaboration with restaurant business

Provide Better Food for More People

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, and feeding everyone will require a significant increase in food production. One way to meet this challenge is to produce better food – that is, food that is more nutritious and higher quality.

Better food can be produced through traditional methods such as selection and breeding, or through more modern techniques such as genetic engineering. Whichever approach is used, the goal is the same: to produce food that is more nutritious and higher quality, so that everyone can enjoy a healthy diet.

There are many benefits to producing better food. For example, it can help to reduce malnutrition and hunger, as well as improve the health of people around the world. It can also help to protect the environment, since better food takes less land and resources to produce.

zomato instant delivery


Producing better food is a critical part of meeting the world’s growing demand for food. With the right tools and techniques, we can ensure that everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food. Let’s work together.

“Zomato instant will also serve you Maggi through our 10 minute food stations”Deepinder Goyal

We are piloting Zomato Instant food delivery service with in Gurugram from coming month onwards. This is a big step towards our mission statement of “better food for more people”. We believe that in order to compete with restaurant food, home cooked food, Zomato needs to work on the following four tenets:

1. Affordibility

One of the main goals of zomato instant is to make food more affordable for consumers. In recent years, food prices have been volatile, and this has put pressure on many families’ budgets.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility is not only about making things available to people. It’s also about making sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the same experiences, regardless of any limitations they may have.

3. Assortment

We can also make sure that everyone has access to nutritious food, no matter where they live or how much money they have.

4. Quality

At our company, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality food. That’s why we work hard to provide the best possible food for more people. We source our foods from the best restaurants nearby your locations.

With this, we aim to provide you with access to great food from your favourite restaurants without having to wait for long periods of time. This way, you can enjoy great food without having to worry about breaking the bank.



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