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Banana Protein Shake

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Of course, there are many pre-workout supplements that you can use for your weight training, but a banana protein shake for pre-workout is a great way to go if you’re looking for a pre-workout meal. A pre-workout banana protein shake should be relatively easy to make and it contains ingredients that will help you pre and post-workout sessions.

The reason bananas are so great pre-workout is that they contain three of the most important things your body needs to fight off fatigue and promote muscle recovery: potassium, sodium, and sugar. So why wait, let’s start making this.

Ingredients : 

Banana – 1 large or medium as your choice
Protein powder – 1.5 tbsp
Chia seeds – 2 tsp
Almond meal – 1 tbsp
1 and 1/4 cup of milk ( Organic low-fat milk)


Blend everything well for 3 minutes


Add 1 cup of milk to the blender and mix again


Add a remaining cup (1/4 cup) of milk and blend it smoothly


A pre-workout banana protein shake is a great way to get an energy boost before hitting the gym and finally, it’s ready.


Is it better to eat before or after you exercise?

Many people believe eating before you exercise is a good thing to do, but eating right before or after exercising can have very negative effects. The time of day that you choose to exercise might also affect the outcome of eating prior to performing physical activity.

The best time for eating before working out is about 3 hours prior. This allows enough time for food to digest before you start exercising. You can also explore the healthiest thing to eat everyday that helps in proper digestion.

For eating after exercise, eating within 30 minutes of finishing is best to minimize damage caused by “resistance training”. It’s important to eat carbohydrates and lean proteins in order to replenish glycogen stores in the muscle.

If eating soon before exercise is not possible, eating a fruit or vegan protein bar 30 minutes before is better than eating nothing at all.

When eating right after physical activity, it is best to eat simple carbohydrates and lean proteins for optimal replenishment of glycogen stores in the muscles.  Protein can take three hours to digest, so eating protein immediately after exercise may leave you feeling heavy during your workout.

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