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Chicken Sandwich

A chicken sandwich is a type of sandwich, typically consisting of chicken on bread. The chicken sandwich is one of America’s favorite breakfast, stating in the 1930s with chicken salad sandwiched between slices of bread. Now it is one of the best breakfast recipes with chicken.


In a large pot, add 500g chicken breast with

½ tsp salt,

1 tsp garlic-ginger paste,

½ tsp pepper,

1 cup water and 1 bay leaf.

Cover with lid and cook for 12-15 minutes on low-medium heat

Prepare Chicken

Remove from heat and shred the chicken in a clear bowl

shred chicken

Drizzle 2 tbsp cooking oil in a pan,

add 1 chopped garlic clove,

1 small sliced red onion,

¼ cup green bell pepper,

¼ cup red bell pepper,

add chopped red bell pepper

Add chicken, ½ tsp garam masala, ½ tsp pepper, a pinch of salt and 3 tbsp fresh coriander.

add coriander leaves

Transfer chicken to a bowl and add mayonnaise and ketchup.

add ketchup

  Mix well and spread on bread.

spread on bread

Apply butter on bread and transfer to a pan to grill the sandwich.


One of the easy recipes for beginners is ready to serve!

ready to serve- chicken sandwich

Interesting Fact about Chicken Sandwich
  • The modern chicken sandwich recipe was developed by restaurateur Rebecca Webb Carranza during World War II when she decided to make sandwiches for defense workers at Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica, California..
  • The chicken sandwich is high in protein and low in saturated fat.
  • It also provides the consumer with omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.
  • The chicken sandwich is a popular lunch menu item in the U.S.A., where it is typically served on a hamburger bun, with lettuce and mayonnaise along with tomato and onion. In the U.S., chicken sandwiches are one of the most popular menu item lists offered at chicken restaurants such as KFC, which is a part of Yum! Brands Inc., Arby’s Restaurant Group, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Long John Silver’s.
  • Depending on the addition of other ingredients such as lettuce,potato and mayo, it can be served with sides such as potato kurkure or french fries.

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