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Mint Lemonade

How do you make mint lemonade? Learn to make it in just 5 minutes. This juice detoxifies the body and also helps in digestion.

Ingredients used


Adjoin ice cubes in a blender


Include one cup of mint leaves


Include lemon juice


Add 2 tsp of sugar


Add one cup of water


Blend the mixture well for 15 seconds


Oh…wow, your favorite mint lemonade mock tail is ready!


What are the benefits of mint lemonade?

Mint lemonade is a summer drink that has been around for years, but it never gets old. As soon as the weather starts heating up at the beginning of the year, people start craving mint lemonade.

This minty and sweet beverage recipe can be made easily without a lot of ingredients or equipment. It is perfect for a hot day. Mint is a cool plant and it can be put in lemonade to make it mintier. This drink is very refreshing and would be good for kids.

Mint tastes so much better than regular lemonade, and mint lemonade has many benefits. One of the most important mint tea benefits is that mint tea boosts the immune system because mint contains oils that help fight bacteria and viruses. Mint also reduces inflammation and helps burns go away faster by putting mint on the burn; mint works as a painkiller. Mint teas also reduce cramps and relax muscles, making this drink perfect for after sports or before bedtime.

What does mint and lemon water do?

The mint leaf adds an herbal aroma to the drink. This recipe is perfect for when someone wants minty iced tea with a kick of mint in their beverage. Mint tea benefits are amazing because mint tea reduces fever and aids digestion. When you feel nauseous, mint tea is what you should grab! Just like mint lemonade benefits, mint tea is very powerful when it comes to fighting off bacteria and viruses. Mint tea (and mint in general) also helps breathe easier; if your throat hurts or your nose feels stuffy, mint will help clear up the problem faster than any commercial medication would!

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