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Mango Smoothie

Mango is rich in vitamin c and also helps in boosting calcium. This smoothie is made with yogurt and cream. Attempt these recipe ideas at your home too.

Take ripened mango


Chop into thin pieces and add to a blender


Add 2 tbsp yogurt and honey

[Blend well]


Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes


Add fresh cream


Swirl it well to look like a cafe smoothie. Ready to serve!


Feel the freshness inside 

A mango smoothie is an easy way to eat mangoes. Mango fruit smoothie recipes are simple to make at home using mango, yogurt, sugar and ice cream. Sugar can be substituted with honey to reduce the amount of sugar in this recipe. Yogurt may also be replaced with milk if preferred or omit for a fat free smoothie recipe.

Mango have a tendency to become brown when exposed to air after being sliced. This is due in part because mangoes contain enzymes called polyphenol oxidase. These enzymes in mangoes work in a reaction with oxygen and phenolic compounds that can be found in mangoes, causing the flesh of mango to turn brown after exposure to air. These smoothie recipes can be made with fresh mango fruit, mango puree or mango juice. They’re great to make any time of day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can be served with ice cream for dessert.

Benefits of Mango Smoothie

People love this smoothie because of the mango taste. Mango smoothie is healthy yet tasty. If you are interested in smoothies, this article will be very helpful for you.

The mango itself has multiple benefits to your health. These benefits include proper immune system, skin care, weight loss management, and many other benefits.

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